Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Inspiration: Changing Focus + True Value of a Moment

Hello everyone! So it's Monday once again and it's another brand new week. Let me just share something before we go to our Monday Inspirational Quote.
Lately, I have been so busy with my work, our online shop and with my mommy and wife duties. If you think I got used to it, no I am not. I am still feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities and opportunities that come my way.

Even blog opportunities and event invites are pouring too. Unfortunately, my time does not permits me to attend events and hopefully those who invited us will never get tired inviting us again in their future events. I would love to go but just like what I have said, I have limited free time.

The other night, I was thinking what to blog about in the future. I almost have shared everything I know and you almost know my family right? I can't think about more interesting topics to share. I actually envy Daddy Allan who shares interesting posts on his blog. That's why I decided to change focus and make this blog a source of useful information too.This does not mean, just technical information but rather I will share my own experiences too.

Also on being a Mom, I know I am doing my best to be a mom to our son. I allot time to homeschool him and I am happy that he's doing well. But this mommy guilt never go away. When we are so busy finishing orders, Matt will tell us "Mommy, may time ka ba?" or "Daddy, ako may time, ikaw meron?" That is so heartbreaking. There are nights he will tell me "Mommy, tapos ka na ba? Tabihan mo ako dito o." Or, when he's asking what the next letters he will write and I am too busy reading patterns, he will innocently tell me "Mommy, pansinin mo naman ako please."

Those are heartbreaking lines Matt usually tell us. That makes me feel so guilty of focusing more on earning. I know this is just for the best future of him but if you are on my shoes I am so sure you will feel so guilty too. That's why, I have decided to work less at home and spend more time with Matt. He will only be this young once. He will only need me this much once. So I should enjoy these precious moments right?

Hopefully, I make sense. Haha. As much as I want to re-do everything, I couldn't so I just will change my focus, and priorities as well. With that let me leave this Inspirational quote.

Monday Inspirational Quote

Happy Monday!
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