Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy 33rd Birthday Daddy A!

Today, the very special man in my life celebrates his 33rd birthday. There will be no special celebration or getaway. In fact we will report to work today and I don't even got a gift for him. Although he's asking for an oven or a steamer, hmm a steamer yes!

Seriously, I may not always tell him this, but I feel so lucky for having him in my life. It is never in my dream to marry my best friend but now, I cannot imagine myself being married to another man. He may not be the romantic, sweet guy in every women's dream but for me he's the best husband a wife can wish for. 

He's the master chef in the house, the plumber, the electrician, the sewer, the painter, the crocheter, the crocheter, the herbalist, the manicurist, the beautician... name it he can do it. He's the hardworking QMR, QA head, Chemist and Sampler. And you know what? After a long day of work, he still manage to cook for us, and help me with crocheting. He never complain, he's a good follower, lol!

I think I cannot describe him enough but I know you know him through this blog of mine, through our family blog, and through his personal blog. Sige na Daddy A, I will greet you na.

Happy 33rd Birthday!

You and Matthew made my life just right. I pray that whatever your heart desire be come true. Let's always trust God because he knows what is best for us. Again, Daddy happy birthday! Matthew and I love you. Mwaah! Mwaah! Tsup! Tsup!
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