Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Weekend Spent at our Hometown

Daddy and I have been talking about going to our hometown. It's been 3 months since we last went home so we planned it last weekend. Actually at the last minute we cancelled the plan because of the hot weather. 

However, maybe the universe conspire so it will be favorable for us to go home. It rained that Saturday morning making Daddy to finally decide, yes we will go home. He asked permission so he can report earlier in their weekly meeting and after that we went home to fetch Matthew.

On our way home, Matthew called my in laws to inform them we will arrive. But they wouldn't believe our little boy because when they asked him where are we, he said different places. Haha!

Anyway, even if it rained earlier that morning, it was still hot so we asked Daddy if he can stop by at 7-Eleven to buy Slurpee. Unfortunately, the Slurpee machine was not working at the 7-Eleven branch that we stopped by. So we looked for another branch on our way home. We failed to find a store along the way but we were still lucky to passed by Mini Stop and Daddy bought sundae for us.

As usual, we encountered heavy traffic build up at all the main towns from Bustos to San Miguel. Surprisingly, light traffic lang from Gapan to Talavera. We arrived at around 7 in the evening and it's dark already. Hence, the blurry shot below. Haha!

We were surprised to see that my in laws house is under renovation. As in, only their kitchen was left with roof. They are surprised too that we arrived that night, hehe. Thankfully, they have a good neighbor who let us sleep in one of their rooms. At first we were a bit shy when they evacuated their own room for us to sleep and they slept on the floor. Glad to know that Filipino value of being warmth to guests are still there.

Then morning came thank God. I didn't get to sleep well because the bed space was not enough of the three of us. Ang lalaki kasi namin, hehe. 

We woke early so we can have a morning walk around the campus, CLSU - our Alma Matter. But Matthew was nowhere to find. He went with Papa and ride their multi cab. He will be very mad if we will leave him. He wants to walk around the campus and feed the fishes at the lagoon. So we looked for him around the campus hoping they went to Daddy's uncle. But they are not there so we decided to leave the car at the main gate of the campus then walk around.

We walked on this familiar path. Oh high school days!

While walking, we saw Papa's multi cab coming. They went to Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) pala to buy pastillas, choco and lactojuice. It's been ages since I last drink this one.

We went back to the main gate then to the lagoon.

Matthew was so happy feeding the fishes. He kept on saying, "this is awesome mommy!" Haha!

This was just a short stay at our hometown as we needed to go back to Bulacan before lunchtime. It was hot and my in laws's house was "wrecked' and all messed, but we have enjoyed it. What I really love about going home is to get a chance to see my siblings.

My sister Fevy  with his youngest, baby PJ. It was the first time I saw her and her baby after she gave birth almost 6 months ago. You see, we seldom go home and when we do it will be just a short stay like this. What is important naman is precious moments like this.

The cousins had fun while I kept taking photos of the,. Cute, right?

After this short meet up, Daddy drove them home and we went our way home.

So that was our weekend spent at our hometown. Oh, weekend is here na naman pala. How days flies! Ang bilis no?

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone!
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