Saturday, May 23, 2015

Online Shopping: Cashback at ShopBack

I am a self-confessed online shopping addict. I do most of my shopping transactions online. Why not? It's very convenient and hassle-free.  

Did you know that you can have your cash back by spending online?

Cashback at ShopBack

It's called Cashback and its "getting cash back". That's when you shop and spend online through ShopBack. Yes, Shopback will give a portion of your purchase back as cash. It's awesome, right?

Now here's what you can save every year on ShopBack especially when you are an online shopping addict like me.

Really great, right? So how Cashback at ShopBack works?

ShopBack receives commission by bringing people to the merchants' sites. Then, ShopBack share the money with us. How cool is that?

Speaking of merchants, here are my three favorite stores at ShopBack.

Of course Zalora is on top of my list when it comes to fashion and clothes shopping. Transaction is always smooth and hassle free at Zalora.

Zalora discounts at ShopBack

Second on my list is Lazada. This is where we purchased most of Daddy's baking tools. You can buy really cheap but quality home, kitchen and baking tools at Lazada.

Lazada at ShopBack

Last on my list is eBay. eBay was the first online shopping site I have encountered when I am just starting with our little online business. It's good to know that it's one of the merchants at Shopback.

eBay at ShopBack

To register and know more about ShoBack, register here. This is another easy way to earn money.

Happy Shoppingback!
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