Friday, May 22, 2015

My Sweet Boy + His Coming Birthday

Yesterday, I was not feeling well but I still chose to go to work. When I got back home, Matthew approached us to give us hug and kisses, I told him I was not feeling well.

I went straight to our bedroom to rest a little. But I remembered I have to prepare the order for today's shipping.

After this we had our dinner, then I just did my night bath rituals and went back to our bedroom with Matthew. He asked me if I want water so I could take my medicine. I told him yes but I have to wait until 8:30 to take my medicine. He got a bottle of water for me and he laid on his bed.

I remembered again I have to edit a draft post due today. After a while, Matthew said, "Mommy, hindi ka na po nakainom ng gamot." He sounds so worried. I looked at the clock and it's past 8:30 already. I told him it's okay then he got the bottle of water gave it to me and looked for my medicine. He got one tablet and he even fed me. When he saw that there are just few tablets left, he asked Daddy to buy medicine again.

Matthew is such a sweet boy. Even if at times he's not behaving well or he's playful or he's makulit. I am always thankful that God blessed me with the sweetest boy.

By the way, in less than a month, Matthew will turn 5. I still don't know what's the party theme will be. The boy is still undecided between Lighting McQueen car and Avengers. Last year he had Lighting McQueen party already. Though we are thinking of giving him two parties, one at home on the Sunday before his birthday and on his birthday at school. Daddy and I are still undecided too, haha.

Also, I am looking for a gift too. Last year, aside from the party we gave him a car. He's asking his lolo and lola to buy him an Ironman toy he saw at the mall last Sunday. I found it pricey for a toy but his lola said yes already. Now, Daddy and I are looking for worthy and valuable gift for him. 

Last year, I planned to give him a guitar. But I failed to find a small guitar for him. I am thinking of going Divisoria before his birthday and hopefully I can one. When he was younger he showed interest with music. I want to nurture that and who knows he will be a great musician one day. Guitar for now then saxophone with Beechler Metal Bellite alto mouthpiece. I know he will be great but no matter what, we will be here by his side always and forever.

Before I end up, look how cute our little boy is.

I am truly lucky to have a sweet boy like him :)
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