Friday, May 29, 2015

The ABS-CBN TV Plus DTTV Blackbox

First of all, this is not a review yet. I haven't bought ABS-CBN TV Plus DTTV Blackbox. But I am considering buying one because ABS-CBN Channel 2 is very malabo in our free TV. Here's the proof.

Look at Eduardo Buenavista, super handsome but the reception is not clear. Sigh!

We love pa naman watching ABS-CBN shows that's why watching a not clear TV reception like that is very stressful. I know many can relate, right? So now I am making research about this "mahiwagang black box." I am asking my friends who already bought this and most of them has positive feed backs.

But I still need to know if this black box is good for one television only. We have two televisions at home so I want sana to connect the other TV like the cable can be. Anyone knows? Please help me decide.

Anyway, if ever we will buy ABS-CBN TV Plus DTTV Blackbox, maybe its better if we also buy a sound system with art equalizers & graphic eq. LED TV + Blackbox + sound system is wow! We will surely be stuck at home watching, especially on weekends.

By the way, ABS-CBN TV Plus DTTV Blackbox is also available at Lazada and they will deliver it right in front of your door. Just click the link below to buy.

Lazada Philippines