Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015: A Letter to My Nanay

Today let me honor the woman who has a great contribution to who I am today. I wrote a letter for her even though I know she cannot read and understand this anymore.

Dear Nanay,

I remember when I was asking you to buy me a cellphone. I cried hard when you told me you cannot buy me a cellphone yet. I made tampo and didn't talk to you that much. Then days after, you gave me a second hand cellphone and I was so happy. You always cannot stand seeing us unhappy and discontented. You will do anything to give us what we want.

You worked so hard so we can finished our studies. Still I cannot think how'd you able to budget your salary, with all three of us going to school and Tatay has no permanent work.

Our family isn’t perfect. You and Tatay had so many trying times. He had been unfaithful to many times. I almost hate him. But you always forgive him.

I can't recall a time when I see you cry. I never heard you complain either. You always showed us how strong you are.

But life is so unfair. Life is slowly taking your strength. You are now the strong woman that I used to know. It hurts me so much to see getting weaker and weaker everyday. Never did I thought you will be like this one day because for me you are superwoman.

So please forgive Nanay if at time I lost my control. I am so sorry to utter hurtful words. It's so hard for me to see you this way. I always looked up to you as a woman of strength so it's so hard for me to see you this way. I have so many plans for you. I want you to enjoy your retirement years.

I know that what I should do now is to accept things as it is. Because only acceptance can set me free from hate and anger. You deserve more love and understanding. I will not waste this time to be with you.

Nanay, I want you to know that I love you. You are a big part of my life that’s why I will never give up on you. I always pray to God to still give you more years to enjoy your life. Don’t worry about us, and love yourself more instead. We will take care of you and love you. No more hate and anger, only love.

You are still the strongest and best mother for me. I love you so much and Happy Mother’s day.
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