Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My 34th, A Day Well Spent

My birthday passed by just like that! Bitin!

Anyway, I enjoyed my day so much. It was a tiring, happy happy day for me. By the way, my first is always a holiday that's why I get to enjoy my day without thinking about work.

Now, let me share how my special day went through photos.

We woke up early that morning to do some physical activities. Daddy ran around the clubhouse while Matthew and I played basketball. I need to buy him a pair of sports shoes too right?

After playing basketball, we went down to the playground.

The little had enjoyed a lot. He met a new friend pa :)

He tried the slides too. He's super happy that he asked us that night if we will wake up early again to go to the clubhouse. How I wish we can do this everyday anak.

Then we went back home to this yummy breakfast!

After breakfast naman, we went to Divine Mercy Shrine to give thanks and prayer.

We had our lunch at our favorite fast food, KFC. Hmmm, Matthew still loves Jollibee ha. What I like about KFC kasi is they honor Senior citizen  discounts without further ado. We had a not so good experience with Jollibee regarding Senior citizen discount. You can read that here.

Anyway, back to good vibes, hehe... After eating lunch, we just had a quick grocery while my sister roamed around the mall. Since Nanay cannot walk for too long, we rent a wheelchair for her convenience.

We cannot stay long at the mall as Lazada delivery was already texting me about my orders.

I ordered these a day before my birthday and I never thought they will deliver it the next agad since holiday pa. That's why we needed to be home after lunch. Daddy was so happy with his new set of Ceramic coated pans, cupcake stand and cake decorating cake. Parang sya ang may birthday a. Me,?I'm happy with my digital weighing scale. But if only Lazada have Revlon flat iron, then I'll be the happiest, hehe.

Since we still have the whole afternoon free, Daddy prepared for a special dinner. Initially, we planned only for ihaw-ihaw - pork barbecue, chicken isaw and feet. But my sister asked why there's no pancit, it's a birthday daw for long life. So Daddy quickly cooked his famous pancit guisado. Daddy also made ube cake and ice cream.

We ate together and we had full tummies after. Busog much daw, haha

That's how my special day went. I don't received any expensive gift that day, but I received the most special and important gift. That is love from my family and friends. Most especially from this little boy.

I am loved right? That you so much to those who have sent their greetings! May God bless us all :)
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