Thursday, May 7, 2015

Easy Soft Shoes by World Balance

A week ago, we started to wear our new uniform. 

Compared to our previous company uniform that is just polo shirts, this is a little formal. This the reason why Daddy and I agreed to buy a pair of shoes. May connect ba? Haha.

Just in time, we received our Google Adsense earnings. So off we went to the mall and look for new shoes. Initially, I bought 2 pairs of ballet shoes (2 pairs for PhP 399) and a Duralite Audrey Pumps, while Daddy bought a pair of leather shoes. I prefer buying less expensive shoes but I always buy many pairs that's because I like wearing different shoes everyday, hehe.

I tried to wear the ballet shoes at work but nanghinayang ako. Since we are working in a feed mill, it's dusty and when it rains, it's muddy kahit pa concrete pavement. Sayang ang shoes. Same with Daddy's new leather shoes.

Luckily, when we went to the grocery last week, we saw these Easy Soft Shoes by World Balance.

Easy Soft Darcy

Easy Soft Nevada Loafers

Easy soft shoes looked like leather shoes no? But its actually made of vicro-tech material making it durable, waterproof, flexible and shock-absorbing.

Easy Soft Darcy

I wear my shoes with toe socks because even it has a foam foot bed, I am having foot sores for wearing it for a long a time.

Easy Soft Nevada Loafers

Daddy experienced the same thing too. He also had to wear socks. But overall, the Easy Soft Shoes is still comfortable to wear.

We also plan to buy a pair of Easy Soft Shoes kids for Matthew so he can use it alternately with his school shoes. Especially that the rainy days is coming, Easy Soft Shoes being water resistant is good to use and easy to clean.

By the way the Easy Soft Shoes is just PhP 349.75. Very affordable right? For more available designs, visit their site:

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post.
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