Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nutri10 Plus Syrup for Matthew

Matthew is taking multivitamins everyday. I followed his Pediatrician's prescription and he's taking up that prescribed multivitamins until now. It never crossed in my mind to look for another multivitamins because he is hiyang naman

However, a week ago, Werts Philippines send us over several bottles of Nutri10 Plus Syrup. 

Nutri10 Plus Syrup

Matthew was so thrilled just by looking at its packaging. He excitedly told us, pang-football daw nya ang Nutri10 Plus.

Actually Matthew is never a picky eater. Magana syang kumain that's why I never thought of shifting to another multivitamins.

But looking at Nutri10 Plus Syrup, it contains Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) that can speeds up, based on researches, growth in children especially in height. It also contains Lysine that is known as appetite stimulant important in weight gain. Just what Matthew needs because he is an active and very energetic kid.

Nutri10 Plus Syrup also contains Taurine that can make our kids smart. Its good especially that Matthew is a school boy already.

Also Nutri10 Plus Syrup has vitamins and Zinc promoting over-all immunity, thus our kids will rarely get sick. 

That's all essentials in one bottle so what can I ask for? And wait, a 120-ml bottle of Nutri10 Plus Syrup is just Php 160.00. Nutri10 Plus is also available in drops form.

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