Saturday, August 22, 2015

Jurassic World Saturday + Body Value Infograph

Today, I didn't went to work because, unfortunately, I caught this sore eyes virus. My right eye was swollen and all red. So I decided not to report to work and rest. Daddy went to work for sampling then returned home early.

I really wanted to take a rest and just sleep the whole day, but being me who values time so much, I ended up cleaning the room with my little helper.

Then, Daddy asked us if we want to watch Jurassic World. Our little boy said yes right then and there. I actually don't like watching movies like this so I said I will just sleep. But the little keep bugging me to look at what they are watching.

Source: Deadline

At first, Matthew was very excited to see the movie but when the giant dinosaur started to attack humans, he also started to scream and sometimes running away from the screen. I also screamed because like what I have said this kind of movie can really scare me. But I must say the movie is okay though.

Watching the movie, I saw that there are some personnel that are bitten by the giant reptile. Though others survived, some parts of their body has been ripped permanently.

If this happens in reality, how do these personnel compensated? Are they being paid and how much does it cost for each body part that lost?

To give idea on how much does each part of the body cost, Harrington Law has this body value infographic showing how much a victim will get.

This infographic is very helpful. But I am praying God will not permit losing body part to anyone. Oh, I nee to rest my eyes now so I can report to work tomorrow. I already have so much to catch up, haha.

May we start the new work week right. Have a Blessed one!

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