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Yesterday, we went to a wake of our colleague's husband, who died due to cardiac arrest. He stayed in ICU of Philippine Heart Center for 3 weeks after his almost successful heart surgery operation.

It was always a sad news when someone passed away. I know how painful it is and no words is enough to comfort someone who have lost a loved one. In this case, our colleague lost her better half, best friend and confidant. The man whom she spent almost all her life.

I expected her to be very sad but I was surprised and relieved to see that her sweet smile is still there. While she's narrating how her beloved husband fought for two weeks, I can't help but admire how she accepts everything as God's will. She's the same happy, brave and strong woman I know. She said her husband is ready and so she is. But I know it's still painful, very painful. So I pray that God will give her more strength to face life without her beloved husband.

Death is something most of us fear. The fear of leaving the people we love and the fear of losing people we love. Acceptance and readiness is very important. Most importantly, we should live our life to fullest, waste no time in anger and grudges, but live in God's words. Everything will follow.

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