Friday, August 14, 2015

Our Family Easy Soft Shoes

Finally, we were able to buy our little boy his Easy Soft shoes by World Balance.

For only 349.75 pesos, we made our little boy so happy. No more wet socks during rainy days.

Guess what? Daddy and I bought another pair of Easy Soft shoes. You can see our first pairs of Easy Soft shoes here.

Daddy the got the adult size of Matthew's Easy Soft Orion black shoes.

Easy Soft Shoes

Easy Soft Shoes
While I got this one. I can't find the model name for this though.

Easy Soft Shoes
 Matthew can't get enough of his shoes. He kept on asking me to take photos of our Easy Soft shoes.

Daddy's turn.

My turn.

And finally, our family Easy Soft shoes.

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