Thursday, August 20, 2015

Best Buddy by Nestle CHUCKIE

Have you watched the Nestle Chuckie's latest TVC?

"Minsan lang sila bata, sabayan mo na." is what this Chuckie's latest TV commercial is all about. If you are a parent, especially a mother, this TVC can easily touch your heart. I just love how they use the music of Billy Joel's classic "She's Always A Woman" by Billy Joel.

As the Chuckie's TVC touch my heart, I remember those days when I didn't pay enough attention to my son. When he's asking or showing me something... He sometimes needs to say "Tumingin ka naman po Mommy." or "Sumagot ka naman po Mommy." And those times that he needs to say "Excuse me po Mommy." I feel the mommy guilt again. 

Just last night, while I am finishing an order, he asked me to lay beside him and sing to him "Power of Two." At first I thought he just wanted me to sing a lullaby so I said I don't know how to sing and he's a bog boy already. Then he said, "Bakit po noong baby pa ako alam na alam nyo po yun kantahin." Hearing those words, I looked at him and I saw his face waiting for an answer. It makes my heart ached and the guilt attacked me. Oo nga naman, bakit noon nagagawa ko syang kantahan hanggang makatulog sya. He's the same boy I love, nothing should changed. I should not deprive him of my time because there will come a time he will not ask me anymore to sing for him.

I know there's no perfect mother but I always want to be the best mom for my son. I am working hard to give him the best. But sometimes, without knowing, I am already ignoring him. I have missed a lot about him especially that I am a working mom. I cannot turn back time. Even if I do my best to make up for the lost times, it will never be enough.

Yes, it will never be enough. I know my son understands. He's an ever forgiving innocent child. It's just easy to make him happy and he appreciates every little thing we give him. But I should not take him for granted because minsan lang siya maging bata kaya dapat sabayan ko na.

Have a blessed long weekend everyone!
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