Saturday, August 29, 2015

Very Busy August Recap

Two weeks ago, I started to get very busy at work. This is because our admin assistant gave birth and I decided not to hire a substitute because her maternity leave is just one month. With this, I took the responsibility of doing reports, following results, among others. It was my decision so I have no one to blame for my busy-ness but my self.

Now let me do an August recap because in 2 days we will say hello to September. August has been a very busy month for me. Aside from the reason above, August is the examination month.  As you all know, I am a Nanay teacher to our little boy. I see to it that I am the one who reviews with him his lessons, especially on examination weeks. I admit it was difficult because as I working mom I often go home so stressed. And sometimes, because Matthew is such a hyper boy, I easily lost my temper. Nevertheless, we make it through this month and I am proud to reap the fruits of my labor.

He got high and perfect scores on his quizzes, first quarter long quizzes and exams. Because of these, he deserves a reward.

Actually, I stopped from expecting too much from him. That's because until now, our little boy his very hyper in school. But that doesn't mean I don't believe his capability because for me he's very smart. He can read both in English and Filipino now. Also, he can understand English and can speak too. I'm sorry, I'm just a proud mom here.

Aside of being a Nanay teacher, I'm a mompreneur too. I am also busy managing our small online shop and we also accepts made to order crochet baby accessories too. Though I promise not to accept too much, this month we have finished 4 batches of MTOs.

The two boots are bound to Italy! Buti pa ang boots, haha! We are also making felt cloth letters.

These isn't possible without the help of Daddy Allan.

Also, this month we decided to split the contents of Our Family Blogs About blog, which will now concentrate on home and improvement, and DIYs.

So now we have two new sites: Mom and Dad Crochet where our crochet projects will be posted.

and Daddy's old blog Captured Moments by Chemist Dad where his photo arts, naks naman, will be posted.

Yes, I know it will be very tasky and time consuming to maintain many blogs. It's also expensive though the two have no domains yet. But I think it's doable naman. We also have plans of moving to WP and having our own hosting site. Crossing our fingers we can make this possible next year.

Moving on... My sister, who temporary cares for my mother and son, left us earlier than expected. It was another burden for me, physically and emotionally. I understand that she has her own life too but I just hope she considered the fact that I am working and there's no one left to look after my son and mother. It was another day when I really wanted to quit my job. But God is really good...

That day, my mother-in-law came with a new replacement. I was hesitant to hire a non-relative person but Daddy A tell me to give it a try. Her Tita who is my MIL's friend assure us that we can trust her. So I trust their words and she's with us for 3 weeks now. She's a not a total package of a good house help but I can forgive her lapses as long as she's taking good care of my mother and son. For me that's the most important.

So there, I keep my faith that our new house help will not leave us too soon. Daddy A and I already adjusted for her and I hope she appreciates our effort in showing her nothing but our kindness, hehe. Anyway, the other day, I asked Daddy to go to Matthew's school and asked what will be their costume for the Buwan ng Wika celebration. The teachers congratulated him and he doesn't know why until they told him that Matthew's on the top 5. I was surprised as I really don't expect this, but at the back of my mind, he got high scores in all his quizzes and exams so I must expect something kahit paano. Haha!

Behave pa more daw ang bulilit and it's not impossible to get a higher rand in the next grading period. Oopps.. I should not expect but I will do my best to teach Matthew and I will be more patient.

That's our busy August recap! See you all next month! Have a blessed long weekend!

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