Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Inspiration: Love and Appreciate Your Parents

Hello Monday!

Sharing another inspirational quotes.

Inspirational Quote via Pinterest

Love and appreciate your parents. 
We are often so busy growing up, 
we forget they are also growing old.

You may have already read here about the condition of my mother. She has a Parkinson's disease and almost losing his memory now because of her medications. At first, I can not accept her condition. I can't believe why this is happening to her. But I know God has better plans and I must accept it. 

My mother needs love and understanding more than anything now. Even if she may forget who I am, I will make sure she will never forget the love and sacrifices I am willing to do for her. 

So if you still have your parents, love, understand and appreciate them more now. Do not get tired of them because they never give up on us.

Have a great week!
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