Monday, August 31, 2015

Matthew and the Buwan ng Wika Celebration

Last Friday, Matthew's school had their Buwan ng Wika Celebration. Before anything else, here's our cutie patootie.

Matthew's school Buwan ng Wika celebration was just a simple one. Each grade levels, including kinder and prep, had their own presentation. The opening prayer song was assigned to the kinder and prep. Since the school has just few activities where Matthew has a presentation, Daddy and I agreed to watch him.

I have read that their program will be from 8:00 to 9:30 am. I told Daddy we can report to work a little late. However, the program started a little over than 8 and we are really late, haha. It's okay, this kind of event is just once. 

So when it's the opening prayer already, the kinder and prep lined up.

The venue was just small so I can't get a better view than this video. Please bear with me :)

Matthew was really playful that he kept on bumping side by side with his two classmates. Such a silly boy. Anyway, the prayer presentation was just short. After that, we went to work. While we were on our way, I was reviewing the photos and videos. Daddy was listening to the radio so I can't hear the music well. In times like this, I wish I have an open back headphones so I can hear it clearly.

For parents like me, events like this shouldn't be missed because this will happen only once. Also, any support we give to our kids helps them build their self confidence and trust on us. Remember our kids will only young once.

Have a great week everyone.
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