Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Inspiration: The Last Time

Today, let me share this very touching poem that is a great reminder to us parents.

poem, the last time poem

I often get mad when my son cries like a baby. I often get disappointed whenever I learned that he does not behave well again in school. I don't want him to be dirty and messy, I always want him to be neat and organized.

Then I have read this poem, it almost made me cry. I just realized I am forcing my just 5-year old boy to act like an adult. When the truth is, he will only be this young and dependent once. 

Soon, he will have his own world. Soon, he will be independent. Soon, he will be away from us. So I must cherish the moments when I can hold, cuddle and kiss him whenever I want. I must allow him to be a kid because this will only be once. And that I shouldn't wait until it's the last time.

Have a great week everyone!
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