Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Daily Inspiration: End is the Beginning

Happy New Year everyone!

2012 have been great with us. First, I decided to make this blog up and alive. Just before the year ends, I got my own domain, which inspires me more to write. 

Then, we started our small online shop that caters our husband and wife crocheting tandem. I never thought it would be such a success and many will like our creations. We also expand our shop by featuring baby clothes, diapers and other stuffs at a very affordable price. I wanted to help more new and soon-to-be moms to buy affordable and quality products for their babies. I am praying many will still trust us and we promise to give you only the best. 

There are also not so good events in 2012 like the accident my son went through. That made me want even more to stay or work at home. But I know God has a better plan so I will wait for the right time.

My mother finally lives with us. And that I had a misunderstanding with my brother but I am really happy to share that we have finally fixed things. My sister with her family and my brother with her daughter came to our home to celebrate New Year together. I know my mother is very much happy seeing us all together.

God is really good. He have tested us to make us strong and our relationship even stronger. Thank You God!

Let me end this with our Daily Inspiration for today.


May all of us have a prosperous and joyful New Year!
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