Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Photostory: Buttons and Crafts

Oh well, who says crafting in easy?

I am trying to keep my craft things organized as much as I could. It is not easy though especially when you are beating the deadlines. 

Yarns, buttons, needles, hooks and the likes are everywhere our bedroom. Since I have a little boy around, this will be a danger to him. That's why I keep them away from his reach and organize them whenever I have free time, which seldom happens. Hehe.

Last Sunday, I decided to start organizing our craft/crochet materials.  I started with our buttons and other little accessories. I bought containers and organize them according to its type, not yet colors because I need bigger containers if that will be the case.

I am happy with the result, look!

I will try to search for a bigger box/container with many divisions for I can sort them according to types and colors.

It just inspires me to craft more whenever I see all my craft things neatly organized. So next will be our yarn stash, which getting bigger and bigger. I will show my yarn stash next time. I just need to sort them a little pa.

That's all! Enjoy the rest of your day!

P. S.: If want to see what I am crocheting right now, go HERE. You will love it, promise!
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