Monday, January 28, 2013

Photostory: My Gwapito + Milestone Updates

This photo was grabbed from the Chemist Dad. Hehe...

Time flies so fast. Baby lang sya dati ngayon he is a big boy na. I should really take advantage of his being Mommy's boy for I know one day he will not need Mom that much. #sentimomagain

Did you know that at his age of 31 months he is completely potty trained day and night? Yes, he is already. Goodbye to cloth diapers! That's one of the great advantages of using cloth diaper. You are saving money and the environment, keeps your baby's butt safe and potty training is so fast! Isn't that great?

Now we are training him to drink milk in a glass and not in feeding bottle. He is drinking milk in a glass na daw as per Tita but at night and when we are there, he will specify pa what he wants. He will say "Daddy, papatimpla milk po sa bote ha." Hehe.

He is growing smart too. Apart from being a puzzle wizard, he can recite the alphabet He can identify and name almost anything - animals, shapes, colors, fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. He can count from 1-20. He can draw lines and circles. He can sing and dance.

Ang bilis no? Or talagang ganyan na mga bata ngayon. His Pedistriacian said, he is advance for his age. He was surprised when he injected vaccine and Matt said "Natusok na!". Ang tatas daw, hehe.

Ask him "sino madaldal", he will said "Mamatt." Ask him "kanino nagmana", he will say "Mama" (my MIL). And he will laugh after.

This gwapito is everyone's joy especially to Mom and Dad!

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