Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Small Jobs

Hello guys!  It's getting really harder to wake up early in the morning. Looks like our early morning run will not push through just yet, hehe. 

Anyway, rain or shine, I will always have something inspiring to share with you.

I have a full time work, I have two blogs, I have an online shop, I am into crocheting and crafts, I am a wife and I am mother. That's really hard to think how can I divide my time. But anything is possible if you really want to work it out. So what I do is to divide my time and the jobs. At the start of the day, I write a list to accomplish and I must maximize my time. The only problem I really have is the "me time", which makes me think again of quitting my full time work to focus on my online shop and get a part-time work from home job.

I know "me time" is very important because I need to rest and be healthy. I need a time for myself unlike now that all I can give myself is the "nakaw time", hehe. But I know there's a right time for everything. I always pray to God for this and I know He always listens. He might not give me this right now but certainly He is up for something much better.

Again, nothing is really hard with time and work management, and of course with God.

Happy Tuesday!
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