Thursday, January 31, 2013

Daily Inspiration: I Got Flowers

Good morning! Thursday na + payday pa. Love it! But we have no plans yet what to do after work today. For sure haba ng pila sa mga atm machines today. So better if we just withdraw tomorrow or on Sunday na lang when we go to SM for a meet up. I am done with the a new design of Hello Kitty booties. It's super cute promise.

Our today's Daily Inspiration is heartwarming. So read at your own risk :)

Have you watch the news about a mother who accidentally killed her 1-year old child? She spanked her child because his crying out loud. Then the child's head hit the floor causing his death. The mother buried her child at their backyard but because of her conscience, he confessed this to her live-in partner. She was jailed and she deeply regrets what she had done. But it was too late, she lost her own child.

This is just one story of really scary and heartbreaking violence against children, women, pet, etc. Violence with helpless people. Each day there are many reported and unreported violence mostly happening at home. When all we think our home is a safe place for us, but sometimes it becomes the hell place for helpless people.

I don't mean to make your morning this heavy but this is the reality we must face. If you happen to know someone who is experiencing violence be it verbally or physically, please try to do something. I know we can do something. There are institutions who can help us. But sometimes, the problem is the person who experienced violence is either ashamed or scared to come out in the open. Also it is really hard when a family member is involved like the father or the mother. We can't blame them because like us, they love their family too.

Let us hope and pray that violence against woman and children will stop. Please pass and share.

Have a great day!

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