Monday, January 21, 2013

Photostory: Strong Little Boy

I can go to work even I am sick. I can handle it well...

But not when my little son is sick. He's the only one who can make Mom and Dad take their leave from work.

Last Friday, at 3 in the morning, I woke up with Matt's loud scream saying "tubig!!!". I immediately stand up and reach for a glass of water. But he already throw up before I could let him drink. My heart beats faster than usual. He kept on vomiting for almost an hour, until only water and phlegm were coming out of his nose and mouth. Tears were also falling from his eyes and his face was already red.

My heart broke instantly and gave him a hug telling him it's alright. After an hour, he fell asleep but I can't sleep anymore. I just took a nap because I have to report to work that day. I told Daddy if we can just go to work a little late and he agreed.

He then again woke up and he asked for milk. I gave him but that made him throw up again. His stomach is already empty and acidic so the tendency is to throw up everything he will take in.

I asked his Tita to prepare a porridge so he can eat even a little just to avoid too much acidity inside his stomach. He ate a little then throw up again. I can see my mother was already nervous seeing his grandchild that way. So we decided to take him to his pediatrician since this is the schedule of his meningococcal vaccine too. We took a leave that day.

I am praying he will stop throwing up again. I let him eat a fiber rich biscuit and a little lukewarm water. I told him he can't have milk yet and thank God he understands. I know he is not feeling well because he throws up a lot already and that he lack sleep too. 

At the clinic, since he was scheduled that day, the doctor attend too him immediately. I told him he is vomiting. He examined him and told us it's the phlegm in his throat that prompt him to throw up. He gave him ambroxol and nasal decongestant syrups. He gave him the vaccine shot since he don't have fever.

This made me feel a lot better as he don't throw up and he just sleep while inside the car. But he still throw up when he take in too much. The acidity inside his stomach caused the reflux. He just sleep all day and when he woke up I felt he is a little hot. I got the thermometer and his temperature is 37.6. Almost a fever na. I don't let him drink paracetamol immediately. Maybe it's because of the vaccine. I let him cool down and after dinner, I let him drink paracetamol.

In the next day, he just vomits twice. I told Daddy we need to stabilize the acid in his stomach. I have read about carrots and so Daddy made a carrot juice. He doesn't like it and throw it up too. So while eating the dinner I also put a little juice on his rice and in a spoon, hehe. After dinner, he farts a lot and with a very foul odor. Haha. He also poop small amount of foul smelling liquid. Daddy let him drink erceflora after.

Since then, he never throw up. Thank God. The last thing I would like to do is to confine him and see how  they put a needle on him. I don't want to let him experience that this early. He had survived a burnt accident without confining him. 

He is strong as always and I always thank God for this.

This little boy has the power to turn our world upside down in a blink of an eye.
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