Monday, January 7, 2013

Photostory: My Gwapito + The Tortous Three

Daddy Allan already posted this photo here. But I can't stop my self from posting this here too, with a little editing.

He is growing fast and more gwapo, hehe. Agree or agree? Haha.

Anyway, he is somewhat overcoming the "terrible twos" but wait have you read the about The Tortuous Three? I thought when he turn 3, he will get over the "terrible twos" stage but here comes the "tortous three".

Reading through it, I can see all those signs in Matt already. He wants to be independent by doing the chores on his own. Imagine, when we are about to eat, he wants to get all the plates and utensils and put them on the table. He should be the one to distribute those or else it will be real battle. Right Daddy?

Anyway, that independence naman has a positive side. For he can poop and pee on his own. He refused to pee on his cloth diaper at night too. I can see he will be diaper free before he turns three.

He is super active too and he talks a lot. If you don't answer him back he will never stop talking. He never gets tired from running around the house. Though I love him being very helpful and sweet. He will kiss everyone good night before we go upstairs and sleep. He can also pray by himself starting with the sign of the cross pa.

Like the way we handle "terrible two" stage, more patience and love are must!

Whether he is good or bad, Mommy loves this gwapito much.

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