Saturday, January 19, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Some What True :(

Today is the launch of the 5S program in our company. All employees are asked to participate in the launching. We will supervise the workers in cleaning the entire feed mill. This will be a long day for us. It's a Saturday and supposedly we are just half day, but this will be a whole day event. Aw!

Moving to our Daily Inspiration, to those who are currently working for another people, read the quote thoroughly.

Some what true? 

Each day I have to wake up at 5 in the morning, take an early morning bath, eat a quick breakfast, travel for atleast 30 minutes and spend my 12 hours at work. The hard part is that I have to leave my son in another person's care. Though I am very lucky to find a nanny who is very efficient, patient and most of all she love my son like her own.

This is my daily routine approximately  6 days a week, 24 days a month, or 288 days a year. Imagine that? Don't get me wrong because I know I am lucky to have a job that helps my husband to pay our bills and the house. But admit it, at some point you will be asking is it worth it? And for a working mom like me, it is very painful to leave my son everyday. If you are a working mom, you will probably know how it feels.

In the lighter side, just like what I always say, everything has a purpose. I will get what I want in time. And those 288 days of work each year will not be days of work, btt rather days of love.

Happy Saturday still!
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