Thursday, October 31, 2013

Goodbye Crafts by Momaye, Hello New Blog!

Yes, I will say goodbye to my craft blog, Crafts by Momaye. It's a hard decision I have to make because it's something that I really love to do. 

But the great news is that we have new blog. Yes, WE. Daddy and I agreed to buy another domain (.info) and start a new blog. Well, it's not actually a new blog. For it will be a 3-in-1 blog: crafts, food/recipe, and photography.

Please welcome our new family blog: Our Family Blogs About.

Our Family Blogs About

Our Family Blogs About is a compilation of posts from Crafts by Momaye, My Captured Moments and When Chemist Dad Cooks. We are still in the process of manually transferring all our posts from the three blogs to the new one.

You may think why we need to put them together in one blog. One reason is so we can save money from buying domains. Also, we just want to create something different. I am not so sure about the last one though, hehe.. 

Anyway, Daddy Allan and I will be the admins of this new blog. We will update these blogs regularly (hopefully!). And who knows, Matt will learn how to blog too in the near future. So that it will really be called a family blog.

So that's our new blog. I hope you'll give us a tiny slice of your time and hop in to our family blog =)

Enjoy your very long weekend everyone! See you, maybe next week na. Happy Halloween!

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