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Brighten Up Baby’s I.Q. and Smile with Tiny Buds Tiny Chewbrush

Hello everyone! How's your week so far? Christmas day is coming so fast no? Have you already completed your Christmas list? Me? I haven't! Hay, I wish I have more than 24 hours a day and more than 7 days a week. But that's life and all we need to do is to manage our time properly, right?

Speaking of Christmas list, if you have no idea what to give your little inaanaks, niece, nephews... Why not give them a Tiny Buds gift bag?

Tiny Buds Gift Bag
Matt's favorite are the Tiny Fangs Kiddie Tooth Gel and Tiny Chewbrush.

Tiny Fang Kiddie Tooth Gel

Tiny Chewbrush

Since it said that the Tiny Chewbrush is good for 6 months till 5 years old, I let Matt tried it. He did but yun lang medyo nakikiliti ata sya because he kept on laughing while he's chewing on it. Just be careful and watch them while chewing it to avoid choking.

And did you know that chewing can brighten up your child's I.Q.?

From the Press Release Kit:

A child’s smile may be a small gesture, but for parents, it’s a joy to behold – truly a milestone worth a thousand photographs.  There’s absolutely nothing quite like it, as a mere sight of their little one’s innocent smile gives Mom and Dad that ecstatic natural high. And to keep babies’ developing teeth white and healthy, parents must be extra patient in teaching early brushing habits, not to mention very careful in choosing the best toothcare products for their precious tots.  Especially now that a recent clinical study by Dr. Frank Lawlis, the supervisory psychologist of American Mensa (a society for people with high intelligence), revealed a strong link between well-protected pearly whites to increased display of I.Q. performance.     

Tiny Buds, a leading Natural Baby Products brand, gives that much needed nurturing to baby’s first teeth while also aiding early I.Q. formation with a revolutionary brushing aid, the Tiny Chewbrush.    

The Tiny Chewbrush, which is best for babies 3 months up to 5 years old, works wonders on babies in two ways. First, by providing the gentlest 360-degree care and massage to developing teeth and gums through efficiently “cleaning by chewing.” The second vital component of this clever oral cleaning aid, meanwhile, enhances the “chewing” motion – the activity which, according to Dr. Lawlis’ findings, stimulates the saliva production in the mouth which in turn increases the immune system in baby’s oral health as well as elevate the baby’s I.Q. level.  
This astonishing research by Dr. Lawlis also showed that the chewing movement aids blood circulation in the brain that can increase memory and decrease anxiety. In the process, it helps establish healthy breathing patterns – said to be also linked to the production of high balances of some hormones related to better metabolism.

Apart from its remarkable durability, the Chewbrush’s design outperforms the regular toothbrush as it is “very baby-friendly.”  Made of soft and flexible with 100% premium liquid silicon rubber, its unique grip holes allow parents’ desired grip control, thus they can gently clean the teeth with no worries of overbrushing, accidental slips nor poking that might harm the little one’s developing gums. The handle’s highly bendable feature is guaranteed totally safe for kids’ tiny palm and fingers as well, thus using Tiny Chewbrush encourages independence among older babies as they get to have fun while learning oral hygiene on their own.   

And while the Chewbrush merits Moms’ and their kids’ seal of approval, the delightful brushing experience does not end there yet, as Tiny Buds also offers another gentle tooth care aid to keep those cute pearly whites beaming at their healthiest:  the Tiny Fangs Toothgel.

Unlike other dental care products, Tiny Fangs Toothgel is non-foaming, non-fluoride, and xylitol-based. Moms will also be extra delighted to know that this yummy Tooth Gel is paraben-free and does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a caustic ingredient found in detergents and is said to cause potetial harm to the mucous membrane of the babies.  

Mildly formulated with all-natural ingredients,  Tiny Fangs Stage 1 Tooth Gel, which comes in a delicious Strawberry Banana flavor,  is ideally best for babies six to 24 months old who are about to grow their first teeth.  On the other hand, for older toddlers aged 3 to 10 years old, the Tiny Fangs Stage 2 Tooth Gel is the best choice. As a preparatory toothgel for kids to adult toothpaste, it has a low-foam formula and mild minty taste. It comes in a refreshing Tutti Frutti flavor and is also SLS-free and non-Paraben product.

Together with Tiny Chewbrush, getting kids into early toothbrush habit becomes fun and very hassle-free. 

Delight in the benefits of healthy oral hygiene of your precious little ones now with Tiny Buds Tiny Chewbrush and Tiny Fangs Tooth Gel. Both products are available at Watsons, Mercury Drugstores, Baby Co., Rustan’s Department Store, Rustan’s Supermarket, Shopwise Supermarket, among others.  For inquiries and more product and activity updates, visit Tiny Buds’ official website or its Facebook page (
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