Friday, December 20, 2013

The Boy Who Loves to Play

Kids do love to play and so do my little boy.

I love taking consecutive shots of him and turn to an animated gif like the one above. 

Obviously, Matt loves to play. That's why when we go to malls, we really bring him to play zones. He enjoys the rides as well as the games like shooting the ball and the one he's playing above. Do you know what's the name of that game?

Oh my, I'm getting forgetful already. Anyway, last night (I clearly remember this though), Matt told me that he poured milk over his piano/keyboard. I said, "what?!." Then he laughed. I asked him again if it's true, he said no. Honestly, I got nervous hearing that since he haven't learn to play piano and pouring milk on the keyboard will surely damage it right? Makes me think to schedule a piano lesson for him everyday. 

And guys! Five (or 4, I'm confused) days to go and it's Christmas. Hope you and your family will have a wonderful, merry and blessed Christmas.

Have a great day ahead everyone!
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