Sunday, December 29, 2013

Makukulit na Bulilits

Matt is like any other toddlers nowadays. He is super hyper, I swear! The only time he'll rest is when he's asleep. That's also the time when our home we'll be quite.

Now, we have two makulit na bulilits in the house. That means, double the madness fun!

Matt is 3 while his cousin Ara is 5. They look like a twin and they are techie kids too.

They eat together and ice cream is their favorite! #cornetto

Of course, they fight play together. Actually our home is a mess. They add pa to the on-going minor improvement at home. Kaya parang dinaaanan ng bagyo ang bahay. And don't be fooled by these two cuties, because all day long their lolas are screaming their names. You will love and hate them all at the same time =)

Have a Blessed Sunday everyone!
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