Monday, December 2, 2013

Our Weekend Loots: Human Heart Nature + Tiny Buds

Hello! Hello! Feeling happy lang po because I feel recharged after the 2-day rest day. How about you? I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

By the way, last Friday our Human Heart Nature arrived. 

Human Heart Nature loot

The Bug Shield lotion didn't arrive as it was out of stock but they will deliver it to us free of charge.

Another surprise came last Saturday when a bag full of Tiny Buds products arrived.

Tiny Buds
Matt loves them so much and he kept on telling me "Mommy, akin to lahat." He's so happy seeing the Tiny Fangs Kiddie tooth gels and the Tiny Chewbrush. And Daddy is happy with the Foot Appeal naman. He tried the first one they also sent and he said he need a follow up use, hehe. Anyway, I will make a separate post about it soon.

So that's our weekend loots. I hope next week I can show you our new sofa bed and bed. And I wish they will give us na our 13th month pay this week.

Have a great week ahead!
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