Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hello December!

Do you already feel the cold December breeze? I know, it's already the 3rd day of December and last weekend I started to feel the morning and late afternoon breeze. Christmas is truly in the air. So allow me to officially welcome December.

What's so special about December? Hmm, let me think of it. One, this month allows us to take a break from our work. We are working all year round so we deserve a break even if it's just few days off work right? Of course who would not love to receive their Christmas bonus? I do and already waiting for it to buy things we have planned to buy since January.

Another special thing about December is the time it gives us to spend with our loved ones. This special day gives us opportunity to catch up with old friends, family and relatives. Reunions and family/friends gatherings are everywhere. This day makes us forget all the unfortunate events that happen the months that passed. It makes us feel happy beyond everything that had happened.
Also, As they said, Christmas is for children so maybe that's the reason why hearing Christmas songs always reminds me of my childhood.

What about the Christmas decors, lights and trees that are almost everywhere? My son screams with happiness every time he sees those dancing lights. And when you say Christmas, Christmas songs and carols will also come into your mind. Like what I have already said, I love hearing Christmas songs and carols. Hearing these songs and carols brings warmth in my heart and all the fond memories of my childhood. Though, there's no carolers coming to our home yet but for sure my son will also be delighted seeing and hearing carolers. Especially when they'll bring guitars and drums, and sing to the beat of Psy's Gentleman. Haha. Surely my son will jump, dance and sing with them. But seriously, it doesn't matter if carolers came with only their empty hands as long as they'll sing with all their full hearts.

And most especially we must not forget that Christmas is not just about gifts, new clothes, gadgets, foods, gatherings, vacations and so on. But it's all about the birth of Christ that brings us hope and peace. It's the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior that we must keep in our minds and to tell our children about.

Now, let's do our countdown to the birth of Jesus Christ! I know it maybe too early, but I wish you all happy holidays and Merry Christmas!
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