Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Bento Wishlist

Since I got inspired with bento creations of Mommy Van of Joys of a Wife and Mother, I checked out Bento Mommas who's selling bento tools. There are so many bento tools to choose from and these are my bento wishlist.

Transportation Cutter, 88 pesos only
Transpo Silicon Cups, 4 pcs for 80 pesos only
Transportation Kit, 180 pesos only
Car Sandwich Cutter, 130 pesos
Well, obviously those four above are for Matthew. I am preparing for next year since he's going to school na. For sure, having bento meals, with all those car designs, inside his lunch box will excite him to go to school every day. 

Here are for Daddy and I's bento baon naman.

Heart Kit, 180 pesos only
Animal Skewers, 8 pcs for 88 pesos only
Vegetable Forks, 4 pcs for 100 pesos only
Insulated Bento Bag, 88 pesos only
We also checked Saizen last Sunday and found some bento tools there. However, we didn't got to purchased because Matthew kept on running around and we are afraid he'll broke so many things inside. So Daddy and I will go back there one of these days to buy bento lunch box, sauce container and other tools we need. 

I'm super excited to make bento meals, can't wait to have those tools above. Those will be my first purchase for this month or next month. Meanwhile, you can check Bento Mommas FB page for more bento tools.

And wait pala, I have a short kwento. Daddy said if in the future we will have a mini-restaurant, he will make bento meals that he will call bente-meal, trenta-meal, forti-meal, and so on. The name suggest each meal price. And last Sunday on our way home, we saw a carinderia named as benti-log. They are offering tapsilog for twenty pesos I guess. That's why bento-meals will also be a good idea, what do you think? Pwede no?

O sha, need to finish a report muna. Happy Bento Tuesday!

Photo credits to Bento Mommas.
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