Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 - Christmas Day

Before anything else, here's our Matthew Andrei posing with the Christmas tree.

On Christmas day, we went to Divine Mercy Shrine to hear a mass. This has been our tradition ever since.

We never missed the blessing part after the mass. The Father even showered Matt and I.

Here's our Little Joaquin Bossing wearing his McQueen Hat.

On our way out of the Church, we saw Santa Claus up there giving gifts.

People were so happy catching the gifts Santa is throwing.

We grabbed this chance to take photos of us.

The Bulilits.

My pretty niece, Ara.

When we let Matt step down from his stroller he run around and found this...

It was a hot, busy day. Nevertheless, it's a Christmas well spent with our Family.

Happy Friday everyone!
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