Friday, December 6, 2013

Photostory: First Love Never Dies

Just like the old saying goes "first lover never dies," here's Matthew rediscovering his first love.

Matt giving Mickey Mouse a big warm hug

I don't know why he suddenly like hugging Mickey Mouse again. He wanted Mickey Mouse to be by his side while sleeping (aside from Mommy, of course). Maybe it's because Daddy didn't allow him to bring along his cars to sleep.

And why is Mickey Mouse naked?

Mommy: O anak, bakit hubad si Mickey?
Matt: Hinubaran ni Ate (referring to his yaya)
Mommy: Naku e damitan mo anak.

Matt tried to dress him up but couldn't figure out how to.

Matt: Hindi kaya Mommy.
Mommy: O e paano yan giginawin sya.

To my surprise, he hugged Mickey Mouse and then said...

Matt: Mommy pakibaba un electric fan (while pointing to our wall fan).

He maybe be a tortuous, silly boy most of the times. But he's always the sweetest little boy I know.

Have a great day everyone!
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