Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 - Our Noche Buena

Christmas day just passed like that. Ang bilis! Now, we are all looking forward for the New Year. If only I can take a leave, I will. Unfortunately, taking leaves on December is no longer allowed in our company. Anyways, let me share our Noche Buena.

Noche Buena will always be in our tradition. Whether you have money or not, you'll still buy something for the family to have salu-salo. Daddy and I prepared our salu-salo. We start the preparation earlier while Matt was still asleep. And since he sleep for almost 4 hours in the afternoon he still wide awake until the Noche Buena.

Ayan nanguna pang kumain ng hotdog. While we are waiting for the Noche Buena, Daddy is multitasking. He's cooking the crispy pata while doing Matt's McQueen Car hat. Look, it's almost done here.

Bagay na bagay sa kanya ang hat di ba? Heto pa, when the table is ready, nauna na sya umupo at nagbantay na sa harap.

We took the opportunity to take some photos before we eat.

If you notice we don't dress up for the Noche Buena.

Here's what we had for Noche Buena.

That's Daddy's creama de fruta in a glass and the fruit cake given by one of our colleagues.

My famous macaroni salad.

Daddy's crispy pata.

Daddy's barbeque.

Our Noche Buena is ready!

That's our modest Noche Buena celebration. As I always say, nothing beats spending special occasion at home with the family.

God Bless everyone. I'll post naman about our Christmas day next time.
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