Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Musing: On Matthew's Grade and Having A Pet at Home

Thank God it's Friday! It was a busy week for me and I thank God I made it through. But the busy week is not yet over as I still have reports to send later :)

After writing about Matthew's champion moments, I will talk about his first quarter grades. I can say he's doing well in school. Look at his grades for the first grading.

Although I know how smart he is, still I don't expect he will get grades of all the 90 up The truth is he is still super playful and his teacher confirmed that. He don't like to share and wait. He sometimes don't listen. But just like what my mother-in-law said, that's okay because he still young. Also, maybe because he still the only child at home, our center of affection and attention that's why he don't like sharing and waiting.

It is not that we are not teaching him to share. In fact, we keep on reminding him the value of sharing and waiting. At home, he shares food but I observe he don't like sharing his things. He values his things and toys so much. But last Sunday, I saw him playing with one of our neighbor's kids. He ran inside our house, got his helicopter toy and shared it with his playmate. So I think he just needs time and with proper guidance, he will learn how to share too.

Now, I want him to learn how to be responsible. I am thinking of giving him a pet, though I still have no idea what pet to give him. I think I should learn first about having a pet at home, the safety and sanitation too. So I am glad there's this EntirelyPets blog where you can find articles, videos, product reviews and more that are helpful to pet lovers and pet owners.

What about ducks for pet? Haha!
I am very positive that Matthew will learn and apply every value we impart on him. So we don't need to worry about having high grades and making it to the cream of the crop. He's just starting, there's more to come and it's way to go.

I hope you'll enjoy your weekend with your family! 
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