Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sickly Thursday + Little Home Make Over

Hello! It's me, yes it's me. So sorry for not blogging too often as I used before. I know, I know I have loads of excuses but let me just update you with what had happened the past days.

Yesterday, I was supposed to write a post here but then an unfortunate event had happened. One of our staff houses got burnt. The fire had spread too quick, maybe because that house was too old already. Seven of our colleagues staying in there got affected and they don't have any thing save. All were ashes already. We are just all thankful that the fire was stopped before it spreads to the other houses and no one is injured.

That event added to my already sickly feeling. I have cough and colds and the stress I got yesterday intensified how I feel right now. So here I am sniffing, coughing and sneezing :(

Moving on with what I really want to share... On the brighter side...  Months ago, I told you that we already have purchased and new sofa set.

It took us so many trips to different furniture shops before we settled for this sofa set. But it's all worth it I must say. Just look at how comfy our little boy while sitting on the new set and you will agree with me.

Now, what's the buzz? I want some home makeover. And one of it is to buy a fabric or cloth that we can use to make sofa cover. I want to protect our lovely sofa set from spills and early worn out. Having an active toddler at home of course is another factor. As you all know, they are playful. I even caught Matthew jumping on our new sofa. Heart attack it is, hehe.

That's why I told Daddy about buying fabrics that we can bring to the tailor to make sofa covers. Also, I want to buy a new dining table. But since we are still paying for the sofa set, that maybe happen after our sofa set is already fully paid. For now, I will just look for a nice table cloth to create a little make over in our dining room. Since I love online shopping for it's more convenient, I keep looking at website selling fabrics and table cloth.

Once we find the right one, I will definitely share our little home make over. By the way, my KL travel experience is not yet over. I will share some as soon as I can. For now, I want to feel better because having cough and cold is not cool :(

Happy Thursday! Wishing all of you are fine and not sick like me.
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