Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Champion Moments: Our Future MVP

Hello everyone? How's your weekend? 

I feel a lot better than last week but I still have a stuffy nose and my left ear cannot clearly hear. I think I must really take medicine now. Yes, I refused to take any cough or cold medicines and I relay to drinking fresh calamansi juice and eating fruits. But now, I am already worrying about my left ear, nabibingi ako... Or I might get an ear infection. I hope not though.

Maybe you are wondering why I have frequent posts lately. Wala lang... No, just kidding. I already make a daily list of my to do's that's why I find a little time to update my blog daily. And I hope magtuloy tuloy ito, or as long as I have something to share.

Today, I will share Matthew's champion moments.

Grabbed from Chemist Dad

Daddy Allan posted these champion moments already. But I can't help to post it here too. I am just a proud mom so pagbigyan nyo na ako, hehe. 

Matthew is growing so fast. He is loving basketball so much now. He even told me, "Mommy panoorin mo po ang champion moments ko." Or he will ask for his Milo then he will tell us "Ready na ko para sa champion moments ko" and he will play basketball na. I just smile and hug him. I will watch him do his champion moments, cheer and scream whenever he shoot the ball, and encourage him more when he feels he's having a bad shot. I will be his number 1 fan for sure.

That's for now. Tomorrow, I will share with you his first quarter grades :)

Happy Tuesday!

Let's be positive and everything will follow.
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