Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Photostory: Matthew and the Piggy Pao

Our little boy loves to receive pasalubong. Pasalubong serves his reward for a job well done in school.  If he gets big star for very good and superstar for outstanding, he will sure have a surprise from us every time we go home from work. This is his motivation to do good and behave well in school.

One time, his yaya told us that when Matthew got two big stars, he was so excited to show these to her. Just after he stepped out of his classroom and saw her, he screamed "Ate Jenny meron ako two big stars!!!".  I can imagine how happy and excited he was, with jumping pa.

The one afternoon, his yaya told Daddy he got a superstar which means outstanding. Of course, Daddy is happy to know it so he bought asado Piggy Pao from Chowking.

Chowking Asado Piggy Pao
Matthew meeting the Piggy Pao for the first time.

We're not sure if he will like it since he have not eaten any siopao yet. But because the siopao looks like a pig, he instantly like it.

He's so happy that he can't decide what to do with the Piggy Pao.

For few minutes, he goofed around while holding the Piggy Pao box. Until he decided to finally eat it. And guess what? He asked me to divide it into two so he can share it with his lola. Such a sweet boy right?

This little boy is a joy to give. He appreciates anything, even a piece of Mentos candy can make him happy. That's why we see to it, with or without a star, we have a pasalubong for him. And what do we get from him, a big smile, kisses and hugs. Plus the compliment he will always say, "Mommy, happy ako pag andito ka."

Have a great day everyone!
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