Friday, September 26, 2014

The World's Richest Man

In today's world where money and material things are the main source of people's happiness, I wonder if there's still someone like this man who can find joy in someone else's happiness. And I call him "The World's Richest Man".

It's not wrong to dream of a wealthy, comfortable life. Opportunities come and go, so we must grab each and do the best we can. We work hard, harder and the hardest we can. Rest is our last option everyday.

We live each day to the fullest, working all day and all night. That we forget what's really important in life. And the video above just show me that money can't buy happiness, peacefulness, respect, love and adoration. Money can't buy us emotions.

For the past days, God is teaching us that life is not all about our work, our business, our money. There's more important that those. Our family and our relationships with others, with God.

It may be difficult to take away what we are used to, but sure it will be worth it after. All we need is to trust God because He will always show us the way.

Have a great day everyone! Remember to slow down and look closely what can truly make you happy and at peace.
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