Friday, September 5, 2014

Photostory: 4 Years Ago, 4 Years Later

Hello again! Yesterday I have posted in FB a #TBT photo of Matthew, 4 years ago. Look what a chubby, square face he had when he was just 2 months.

Matthew, 4 years ago

Just when I saw this photo, I can't help but post it. He's so cute right? I missed him when he was just this small. And 4 years later, he was this charming and adorable!

Matthew, 4 years later

Actually, yesterday when I got home, I showed to him his baby picture above. He was just smiling and told me the baby is him. I asked him if if he can imitate it, he gladly post like the one above. We were laughing out loud looking his new photo.

I know I keep asking this but where did time goes? Why the world is revolving so fast? My goodness, the next thing I know, he's a grown up boy already.

Do you feel the same way too with your kiddos?

Have a blessed, quality weekend!
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