Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's About Time to Run!

We started by eating less carbohydrates, eating less rice. Just less because it's so hard to take off rice from our diet, hehe. I am considering brown rice but I am still contemplating because of it's price. But I think it's justifiable since it's a much healthier option if we can't take off rice from our diet.

Now, we will take a leap as finally we decided to take a RUN. Yes, I think it's about time to run. And we are determined to start it as soon as we buy our running shoes.

Time to RUN!

Because we are just starting, I don't want to spend thousands for running shoes. Paano kung biglang tinamad ulit? Sayang, haha! Anyway, I'm eyeing this Fila shoes.

And for Daddy, heto naman:


But I have yet to show this Fila running shoes to Daddy. We will go to the mall on weekend to check other designs. Hopefully, we can push this through. We also invite some of our colleagues to join us to our after work run. I think it's more enjoyable if we are a group. The more, the merrier ika nga!

I will give you an update next week. Monday is our target date to start our running! Good luck to us!

Happy Thursday!
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