Friday, September 19, 2014

Matthew the Singer

Rainy morning everyone! Another typhoon is visiting our country today. It's raining so hard here since last night and one of the river going to our work is almost overflowing. The government had already announced that there's no work for all government employees including here in Bulacan. But since we are working in a private company, it's under the discretion of the company. That's why we are here reporting for work for there's no announcement yet. Let's us pray that the heavy rain will stop soon because there are many places  already in flood.

Anyway, on the brighter side, I would like to share a good news to you. Remember the video of Matthew singing Kung Hindi Ikaw? There's no doubt, our little boy loves to sing. Because of that his teacher is urging him to join an inter-school singing contest.

The other night, when Daddy was paying his PE uniform, a teacher said Matthew's teacher has something to tell us. Daddy was nervous thinking Matthew had done wrong. Then he announced that they want Matthew to join an inter-school singing contest. Actually Daddy can't believe it and he's laughing when he's telling me about it.

But for me, I have no doubt Matthew can sing. Just like his teacher said, he loves to sing and he sings before he enters the classroom and still sings when he leaves the room. Also, he can speak well and sing in tune for his age of only 4. Most especially, he's not a shy type and can easily mingle to anyone. They advised us to practice him to sing with the music so we did.

Matthew the Singer
As you can he sings with so much emotions. Feel na feel! It would be much better if he has a guitar and strumming like a pro. That's why I will definitely buy him a guitar, as a Christmas gift, like the one at the Musicians friend.

I will post about this when it's official because we have yet to receive a letter from the directress about the contest. Oh I am an excited mom and his number one fan :) I just wonder to whom he got his singing talent? Not from Daddy definitely! Haha!

That's it for now. Please keep safe everyone! Let's all pray that this typhoon Mario will leave our country the soonest.
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