Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Boy who Loves to Sing Love Songs

Yey! Weekend is here! I am feeling a lot better and I look forward to spending quality time with my family today. I know you are too, right?

By the way, have you seen my little Matthew's #TBT photo yesterday? Time flies so fast that the next thing I know I already have a binata (young man). And did you know, he loves to watch "My Destiny"?

The other night, his Dadddy went to bed first and I wanted to sleep early too. And I asked Matthew if I will turn off the television for we will about to sleep. He said no because "My Destiny" is not yet over. Since it will just be a few minutes and the series will be over, I watched with him. Then guess what? When the two lead stars (Matthew and Grace) finally met in Singapore, Matthew excitedly clapped his hands while saying "kinikilig ako". 

Oh my, my little boy will be a little man soon. He already knows such thing as kilig. Aside from that, he loves singing love songs too. To which his teacher asked his yaya (nanny), if he already got broken-hearted.

Here's a proof: Matthew Andrei's own rendition of "Kung Hindi Ikaw" (originally sang by James Wright).

He's singing in tune and he can memorize the lyrics, so I think he can be a good singer some day. He's also asking us to buy him a guitar. He has a piano already that was a Christmas gift from us so maybe this year we will buy him a small guitar. So as early as now, I am already looking for great guitars at this guitar center.

Looks like Matthew will be a jack of all trades. He loves to sing and dance, to play piano and guitar, to draw, and to play basketball. I just hope he can master one and that will be enough for us. But whatever he will choose in the future, we are just here to support. And hey, he is just 4 and has a long way to go! For now, we will let him enjoy everything he loves to do, and that is more important.

With that, let me end my post with this:

Source: Pinterest
Happy Saturday! Enjoy your weekend!
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