Saturday, June 1, 2013

Homeschooling: Hey Diddle Friday!

At last Friday came, the last day of our lesson for week 1. Actually as the days pass, the easier our lesson becomes. Maybe because Matt gets used to and at ease with the lessons. As for my part, I get to know Matt better. It's more than a bonding time for us.  And for a working mom like, it's so true that even a less than an hour bonding with your child means a lot.

Friday is Nursery Rhyme day. It's Hey Diddle and so we have completed Matt's week 1 learning poster.

Matt's Learning Poster: Week1
Thank God, I found out that Hey Diddle is in one of our Nursery books. So when I read it to him, I show the pictures. He gladly repeat after me. Hey Diddle, I am so happy!

Then after that, we create a cow out of squares. I help him cut each squares of different sizes then paste them in a yellow paper. He chose the color =)

Cow from squares
He is asking for more actually so I just let him trace and play with his clay later.

Matt is figuring out how to make a donut
With mom's help, here's his yummy donut!

See my donut?
Cleaning time after.
Matt putting back all the crayons inside the box

And then milk time. Yes, he is drinking from a sippy cup already. No more feeding bottles. I told you he's so ready for school.

Bottoms up!
So that's our last day of homeschooling for the week. We will continue on Monday and I hope I can make up my mind what to teach him next.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!
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