Saturday, June 8, 2013

Photostory: The Panicking Mommy

Because our little prince is sick.

Last Friday night, I already feel his body is a little hot. But everyone in the house said he's not. Then after our lesson, he asked me if he can play Jumpstart and I allowed him. While I am crocheting he remained so quiet. When I looked at him, his cheeks are so rosy. I touched his face and I immediately called Daddy, Matt  had a fever and he feels so hot!

As usual I have no sleep. The paracetamol we gave him seem cannot lower his body temperature. He's body won't cool down and he's vomiting, so I really panic. I decided not to go to work for I know he will feel better if I am with him.

This is the first time he got a high fever. Before he can still manage to play but that day, he just slept. Maybe because he keeps on vomiting the night before. Daddy gave him carrot juice to neutralize the acid in his stomach. He won't take any food because his stomach is empty and because of the acid reflux. Thank God the carrot juice is so effective and he didn't vomit anymore that day. But still he doesn't want to eat.

Since the paracetamol won't cool down his body, we bought ibuprofen. I gave it to him when it's time to drink his medicine. Luckily, he likes taking in medicine and he will insist to take in more. After sometime, he perspired a lot. He asked for a break he called "inipit". 

I thought everything will be okay until his body temperature rise again. I kept on wiping damp towel on all his fever points. It helps a little but still his body temperature is not going down to normal.

I kept on praying to heal him soon. If only I could take the fever then I will. Ako na lang sana. I told Daddy I will not ever complain even if he's super makulit, as long he's not sick. We missed his laughter and naughtiness.

God is good as He hears our prayers. As of now, he's already playing. When he woke up this morning, though a little weak, he kept on talking and calling me Ate Maya.

I know I am not alone in this. But whenever our children are sick, our mind will be filled with negative thoughts. Nanay e. I know the fathers feel the same way too, right Daddy?

Hopefully, fever will not come back. I am still at work for the pending reports yesterday but we will go home early after Daddy's meeting. Actually, I am not feeling well already but it's okay as long as Matt is okay. Ako na lang =)

Enjoy the weekend everyone. 
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