Thursday, June 6, 2013

Homeschooling: Letter & Number + the Reading Lesson

Here are what we have accomplished for the last two nights.

Homeschooling: Letter & Number

Last night I am not feeling well and adding up to it is Matt's uncontrollable behavior. Because of that I told him we will not have a lesson for that night. But he insisted and he kept on crying asking me to turn on the lights. He kept on saying "aaral ako mommy." That broke my heart and so I turn on the lights. He immediately went down the bed, pulled the chair and sit. He grabbed his crayons and happily do this.

Matt loves to color
Apart from that, we reviewed the learning poster. I also showed him the reading lesson on his tablet. I am happy for he shows interest in learning. I just have to print it so we can study it well.

Also, I recommend Jumpstart Preschool app (as recommended by Ms. Marie). Matt loves it. You can download the full version at around 40 pesos only. It has two levels, Jumpstart Preschool 1 and 2. Matt is both playing the apps and when he wants to play he will say "lalaro ako nun dog."

So that's it for now and tonight, we will have the nursery rhyme and some reading lesson.
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