Monday, June 24, 2013

Photostory: Vice Ganda + Eliana + Aral

Last night I told Matt to lay down and pray. As I get up to turn off the lights, he stopped me.

Matt: Gagantsilyo ka pa... 
Mommy: No anak, I am done.
Matt: Hinde. Maggantsilyo ka pa... Manuod pa ko Vice Ganda...

I looked at him. He was so serious. He arranged his pillow so he can comfortably watch Gandang Gabi Vice.

Busy watching Gandang Gabi Vice

Matt never fail to amaze us. Last night also, when I turned off the light, he talked about Eliana.

Matt: Natulak si Eliana sa swimming fool...
Mommy: Swimming pool anak.

So he repeat it.

Matt: Natulak si Eliana sa swimming pool...
Mommy: Sino nagtulak?
Matt: Si half sister.
Mommy: Ay kawawa naman. Bad magtulak anak.
Matt: Natawa pa si half sister.
Mommy: San mo ba yan napapanuod?
Matt: Sa TV. Sa channel 7 patapos Eat Bulaga. May ahas sya sa leeg.

O sya. Eliana is from the teleserye "Kakambal ni Eliana." Aside from "Be careful with my heart," he loves watching it but he is so afraid with the snake. Hehe.

He really don't watch too much TV. Magaling lang memory nya. The one he's making kwento happened weeks ago pa ata. Hehe. Most of the times, he is studying. My gulay, even on Saturdays and Sundays we don't stop our lessons.

Yesterday, I saw a small bag in our closet. I put all his learning stuffs there. I showed him the bag and told him I put the crayons, books, pencils, etc. inside. I also told him we will study tomorrow na lang since it's Sunday. But the boy insisted to study still.

Mommy: Bukas na lang anak. Sunday ngayon e.
Matt: Hinde. Aaral ako. Asan yun table ko.
Mommy: Hmmm.
Matt: Asan yun table? Daddy pakuha po table.
Daddy: Asan yun table mo?
Matt: Andun po sa taas. (With hands pointing up)

So Daddy get the table while the little boy get his chair.

Walang lusot, hehe.

Enjoy the rest of your day.
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