Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Homeschooling: The Solar System + Yellow Green

Here's another update on our homeschooling journey.

This is Matt early in the morning, busy with his learning stuffs.

We are having our lessons every night. That's from Monday to Sunday, yes Sunday. Matt will never let me take a rest day e. So every night I have at least an hour to teach Matt. I decided to teach him how to write first. I saw he is more interested in holding a pencil or crayon. But he show an interest too in reading.

We are into coloring and tracing most of the times. My sister in law gave us Nursery books that we are using to teach Matt. Good thing Matt's Tita (nanny) is patiently teaching him so I don't have a hard time at night. She's in charge during day time. I can see that he's learning much for he already know how to count from 1-100, and he can recite the solar system. And he has a funny story about it.

Matt: Wala na si Tita Rona.
Mommy: Bakit asan sya?
Matt: Nauwi na sya.
Mommy: San sya nauwi?
Matt: Dun sa Neptune.


Mommy: Ikaw san ka ba nakatira?
Matt: Sa Earth... Nasunog na un Sun. (because the sun at the poster is burning like fire)
Mommy: Bakit?
Matt: Andun si Chuckie. (he's afraid of Chuckie Doll)

Matt is really witty and is full of imagination. Sometimes I need to connect the dots of his stories so I can understand.

The other night, he strikes again.

While coloring...

Matt: Asan na un yellow green (crayon)
Mommy: Eto un yellow green anak.
Matt: Hinde.

Then he picked up the yellow crayon and look for the green one.

Matt: Eto un yello green.

Oo nga naman. Si Mommy talaga slow. Hehe
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